Employer FAQ's

What is Profession Pursuit?

Profession Pursuit is online job board that dedicated to bringing employers and job seeker together.

Creating a job post on Profession Pursuit takes less than 5 minutes.  Simply create an account, type in your job details, preview it, and you're ready to start hiring. 

Is this site secure for purchases?
Absolutely! We currently work with McAfee which guarantees your safety and security. All site communication and data transfer are secured and encrypted.

How much does it cost for job postings?
For pricing info, please visit the plans & pricing page for further details.

Will I receive a receipt for my order?
After you create a job posting and place an order, you will receive a receipt for your purchase by email. You can also view all of your orders and download receipts in the online transaction history page, part of your account dashboard page. 

Is Profession Pursuit affiliated with Craigslist or any other listed sites?
No, Profession Pursuit does not affiliate with classifieds or job sites where your job listings would appear. This also means we do not have any visibility or interface into their respective systems.


Job posting guidelines

When posting a job, please make sure that your job has clear and complete titles and descriptions including the actual name of your company, and is posted in the city where the job will be located. Each job should be posted only once and should describe a specific position open in your company, as such we do not allow generic or vague recruiting messages. All relevant information about the job such as hours, pay structure, and required licenses should be clearly identified in the description.

The job offer must not require any form of payment from the job seeker or be discriminatory in nature.

Additionally, we do not allow the following type of postings

  • Career fairs
  • Franchise or training opportunities
  • Multi-level-marketing positions
  • Profession Pursuit may modify, reject, or remove any job postings for any or no reason.

Can I post a job from outside the United States, a position that is located outside the United States, or using international currency?
When posting, your computer IP address must be located within the United States. We do not post jobs that are located outside the United States and do not accept purchase orders or credit cards from international countries.

Can I include more than one job in a job post?
No, only one job is allowed per post, otherwise, your job is subject to removal from the site.

Can I post my company name as confidential?
No, typing your company name as "Confidential" or "Undisclosed" is not permitted. Confidential job posts discourage job seekers from applying.

Will my email address be visible to job seekers?
No, your email address is only used to send you applications and will not be visible to job seekers as long as you do not include it in the job description.

What if I'm not getting the number or type of applicants I need?
You can increase the number of applicants and find those who fit your role by writing a good job description. You can find tips to create your job description here.

How long after creating a job post will it appear in search results?
Your job post generally appears in search results between 1 and 10 minutes after submission.

To see your post, input criteria the in the search fields or go to the category for your job. Your job listing will also appear on our partner sites. You may need to REFRESH or RELOAD the page if your job does not appear in your browser.

Editing, deleting and re-posting your job listings

  • If you want to make changes to your active job listings - you have the option to edit. When editing a job posting you can change the title, description, logo images, reply- to address and categories.
  • You can remove your post manually at any time by choosing the delete option.

If you have already completed editing or deleting a post and the changes aren't appearing, try refreshing the page.

Enhanced applicant tracking
When creating a job post - you will get two options of how you want to receive applications from candidates: 

  1. Apply to your specified email address.
    2. An external link (option for candidates to apply on your own hosted career page or apply form).

If you choose to apply to your direct email address - applications will be sent to your specified email address. You can track candidate clicks and the number of applies via your employer account dashboard. This will give you improved visibility not only to the # of applicants but will give some insight into the quality of the applicants themselves. 

Please note: If you choose for candidates to apply by directing them to your own hosted applicant tracking (ATS) then we will only be able to track clicks on the “Apply to this Job” button and will just provide a simple count. 

Why isn't my job posting appearing in search results?

  • Search results are updated every 1 to 10 minutes. You may need to refresh/reload the results page.
  • Job listings are posted by relevancy - make sure to look in the correct categories.
  • If you're unable to locate a job post using search, make sure the keyword used actually appears in the post.
  • Job listings may be removed or omitted from search results by automated systems, staff, or community moderation - for non-compliance with terms of use, site guidelines, and/or community norms.
  • Job listings eventually expire.

How will I know when someone applies to my job post?

Every time someone applies to your job post, you receive a notification by email. The notification is sent to you as soon as the job seeker applies so you can stay updated on your candidates in real time. These emails include general information like a candidate’s name, email address, phone number, plus their resume is included as an attachment. Their complete application is saved inside your employer account for you to reference when you log on.

Is there a limit on the number of candidates I can receive?
Absolutely Not, We allow an unlimited number of candidates to apply to each of your job listings.

What if I don't get any candidates?
We can't control the number of job seekers that apply, but we will do everything we can by including job distribution to our job site partner network and promotion in daily job alert emails. Plus, feel free to call us for feedback on your job post.